Special Edition Prints on Acrylic Glass Block

Special Edition Prints on Acrylic Glass Block with custom background...

The freestanding Metamorphica Acrylic Block stands stably on any flat surface.

The crystal clear acrylic enhances colour and contrasts, and it gives the artwork an impressive 3D depth effect.

20mm of acrylic glass, crystal-clear, shatterproof acrylic with UV protection for a stunning depth effect.

Precise details are also visible through the block’s transparent sides.

The Acrylic Block is a sturdy design object.

A distinctive feature of the Metamorphica Acrylic Block is its white backing. An opaque material, it greatly minimises the light that shines through.

This subtle feature boosts your photo’s impact as it stands on desks and shelves.

The Acrylic Block doesn’t need any additional supports, stands or hardware. Present your Acyrlic Block on your desk, shelf, or any flat surface.

Limited edition print on acrylic glass block 15 x 20 x 2 cm Special edition mini Metamorphica print with custom background... LIMITED TO 3 EDITIONS ONLY